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Social Change Within Developmental Psychology Essay

Social Change Within Developmental Psychology - Essay Example This suggested that alteration in the economy leads to further changes in an adolescent’s economic roles within the family. Adolescence, the stage of human life when one searches for his or her identity is influenced by the social alterations present within a particular society in which it takes place. Since the adolescent stage’s tasks is largely â€Å"identifying the self† taking in roles restricted by circumstances like social alterations in the economic structure, will probably affect their development. Social change â€Å"alter the social institutions and cultural belief systems that organize the adolescent period† (Crockett and Silberesein, 2000). This further implies that social change, such as fundamental historical events, provides significant avenues to adolescent development. Consider the great depression that happened in the United States. According to Crockett and Silberesein, the economic downturn put financial pressure and constraints in adolescents altering their role within the family. Since families had to undergo cost-cutting and should follow strict budget to make ends meet for them, the adolescents in the family would have to generate activities to produce income by finding work at an earlier age than the usual. But, â€Å"change is always relative to the starting point† (Greenfield, 2009) and the adaptation capability vary among every individual. Moreover, in times of social alteration, adolescents will develop change by adapting to the crucial challenges that can further strain their coping capacities through â€Å"setting goals, identity, efficacy beliefs and planful competence† (Crockett and Silberesein, 2000). Since the future is uncertain and no one can easily determine the upcoming social alteration, â€Å"the importance of family and community in supporting a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood in times of social change† (Crockett and Silberesein, 2000) is a very important factor that may shape an individual’s

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Industry Analysis and Financial services of Pan America Research Paper

Industry Analysis and Financial services of Pan America - Research Paper Example According to 2006 statistics in the industry, more than 133 billion litres are sold per year which raised the global revenue to 294.5 billion. Analysis of the industry In analysing the industry, it is critical to understand Panama, what opportunity it offers and the products that are produced in the country. Panama is a country that shows a great diversity in terms of people who live there. Most of the residents come from different countries. A lot of people in Panama prefer beer compared to other beverages. In the year 2011, its production was reported to have grown by 5.1%. The market in panama is worth more than $390 in a year. Another brand that seems to grow and is on the list is wine (Holmes 45). The prices of beer and wine in Panama which are the popular drinks are $35 for each beer and $40 for each wine. When you compare these prices with Gasolina, they prove to be high because Gasolina normally ranges from $7-10. The high prices in panama come due to high costs of living due to its diversity and that it attracts a lot of people. This means that the company will have to increase its selling price in panama in order for it to beat the competition. Gasoline has an opportunity to grow in Panama because it is a new product that is unique in its own way. It is unique in that it has six flavours. It is made with unique spirits which include Caribbean white rum, filtered and distilled vodka, 100% tequila and 100% natural fruit juices. It is easier for outdoor consumption due to its portability. This is because it is packed in 20ml aluminium pouches that even have a straw inside. Its growth is possible due to the diverse cultures in Panama and the uniqueness of the product. With such a product the people of Panama will not find it difficult to pay for the drink at whichever cost. Looking at the industry in general, the market is dominated by few key players which lead to intense competition (Giesbrecht 55). There exists operating uncertainty due to changing con sumer tastes. Margins and pricing are often under pressure. It has three leading industries that account for almost 40% of the overall market share. The leading company is Anheuser-Busch. It holds over 20% of the total volume of the market. This company has 14 brands and each generates over 1 billion USD in a year. The company produces global and regional brands, one of them being Corona. It employs about 11,600 people in 30 countries. The company sales majorly come from North America. Another key competitor in the market is SABMiller. In the market ranking, it is among the top five companies in the industry. Its portfolio contains more than 150 brands. Among its brands are international beers such as Pilsner, Urquell and also local brands like Castle Milk Stout. It operates in 75 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and also South America. Its sales are around 21 billion litres of lager in a year. Coors is another competitor in the industry which is ranked in the sevent h position globally. It operates Colorado brewery that that is the largest brewing facility that operates singly. It was the first company to use the aluminium can and it operates the largest plant that produces aluminium cans. Among its products is Coors Light. The industry is a global business that contains several businesses that are multinationals and thousands of small producers. The

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Nelson Mandela Essay Example for Free

Nelson Mandela Essay Nelson Mandela was a man of honor. A man who sacrificed his life for the betterment of others. He was born July 18, 1918 in South Africa. He grew up in a segregated country. He later became an activist against apartheid. He protested and paraded the country. He got arrested and spends the next 27 years in prison. He still did not give up the fight against apartheid. After getting out of prison he became the first democratic elected president of South Africa from 1991 to 1997. After his presidency he created several nonprofit organizations to help and make South Africa better. Nelson Mandela was a man who doesnt care what people say or think about him. He always does what he thinks is right even when the majority disagrees with him he still goes on doing what he thinks is best. When he started fighting to end apartheid, he knew that he was sacrificing his life. He knew that his life was shortened. That death was near, but he doesnt care because he knows that his sacrifice will pay off eventually. Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa. All through his childhood, living in South Africa as a black man was brutal because of the apartheid. There was different school for black children. Restaurants were segregated, maids were used as slaves. Growing up, the rule at that time was that at 6 pm, a siren would sound, which meant that no black people were allowed on the streets after that time. If they are caught by the police they had to show prove of identity. If they couldn’t produce this, they were arrested and put in jail. Black South Africans owned noting during that era. No houses, no cars and they weren’t allowed to have accounts of any kind. Even at the mall there were different bathrooms for white people. Park benches were segregated public water fountains were segregated. Almost everything starting from the public transit to owning an apartment was separated between whites and blacks in South Africa. In 1961, Nelson Mandela became leader of the armed wing branch of government. He protested all over the country, sabotaging the apartheid government. Since the non-violent way of trying to end apartheid is not working, he devices a plan which call to destroying several government buildings. Such as, the post office, the police station and other government offices. It worked great until citizens started getting killed in the buildings. The police arrested him on numerous occasions, with no solid evidence they let him go. Finally they arrested him for treason and sabotaging the government. After getting arrested he was sentenced to 27years in prison. In the winter of 1964, Nelson Mandela arrived on Robben Island where he would spend 18 years of his 27 years prison sentence. Put in a small cell, with no bed, just a bucket for a toilet, he was forced to do hard labor in a quarry. He was granted one visitor a year for 30 minutes. He could write and receive one letter every six months. But Robben Island became the place, which transformed him. Through his intelligence, charm and relentless pursuit, Mandela eventually controlled even the most brutal prison officers to his will. He gained leadership over his prison mates and became the head of his own prison.

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The Rosenberg Trial :: essays research papers

The Rosenberg trial, which ended in a double execution in 1953, was one of the century's most controversial trials. It was sometimes referred to as, "the best publicized spy hunt of all times" as it came to the public eye in the time of atom-spy hysteria. Husband and wife, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with conspiracy to commit espionage. Most of the controversy surrounding this case came from mass speculation that there were influences being reinforced by behind-the-scenes pressure, mainly from the government, which was detected through much inconsistencies in testimonies and other misconduct in the court. Many shared the belief that Ethel Rosenberg expressed best as she wrote in one of her last letters before being executed, "-knowing my husband and I must be vindicated by history...We are the first victims of American Fascism." Some people believed that the Rosenbergs had a vulnerable background which made these innocent people fall victim to the government. In September 1940 Julius Rosenberg was hired by US army Signal Corps as a junior engineer, but fired March 1945 because he was found to be a member of the communist party. He was employed in 1945 with Emerson Radio. Finally, in 1946 Bernard Greenglass, his brother-in-law, asked him to a join war surplus business called Pitt Machine Products Company. Ethel Rosenberg supported herself as a teenager through pageant prize money she won as a singer and dancer. Later on she was employed as a clerk for National Shipping but lost her job for union activities. They lived a happily married life with two sons until June 15, 1950 when brother-in-law, David Greenglass named Julius and Ethel as people who recruited him to spy for the Soviet Union. The case judged by Irving R. Kaufman began on March 6,1957. The Rosenbergs, as well as Morton Sobell, were accused of delivering information, documents, sketches and other material vital to the national defense of our country, to a foreign power, namely, to Soviet Russia. Greenglass testified that it was he who turned over most of these materials to the Rosenbergs because of pressure. On March 29, after a much publicized court case, the couple were found guilty and sentenced to be executed in the week of May 21, and their accused co-conspirator, Sobell, got 30 years in jail because he was not explicitly connected to the atom bomb. Many people were against this decision and the president tried to justify such rash actions: "The execution of two human beings is a grave matter. But even graver is the thought of the millions of dead whose death may be directly attributable to what these spies have done." After many failed appeals, Julius and Ethel were electrocuted minutes apart on June 19,

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Ezra Pound in the Imagist Movement

Ezra Pound in the Imagist Movement In the beginning of the 20th century, a poetry style called Imagism was growing. Imagism is derived from Modernism and was created in response to Romanticism. Contrary to Romanticism, Imagist poems consist of brief sentences of dry clarity which painted an exact visual image and poetic statement. Thence leaving little to no room for interpretation due to it's candidness expressing of ideas. Imagism was also a conferrer to the french Symbolist movement, but antithetical to it in that Symbolism analyzes more in music and Imagism more in art and sculpture.In the Imagist Movement belonged a group of poets called Imagists. The main contributors to the poetic style were John Gould Fletcher, Harriet Monroe, Ezra Pound and many others. The most influential poet in the Imagist movement and the most famous was Ezra Pound. Pound, born in Ohio in 1885, completed two years of college at the University of Pennsylvania and earned a degree from Hamilton College in 1905. His work had a major influence in famous poets such as Robert Frost and T. S. Eliot. After graduation, Pound taught for a short time at Wabash College in Indiana and then left forEurope,where he lived most of his life. His first sum of poetry, â€Å"A Lume Spento†, (In which he carried copies to distributed when he moved to London later that year) was published in Venice in1908. His second, â€Å"The Personae of Ezra Pound†, was published in London in 1909 and was immediately acclaimed by critics. Pound wrote more than seventy books, contributed to seventy others, and published more than 1,500 articles. Being an Imagist, Pound had many strict rules to his style of writing. One of which he stressed lyricism and was selective in use of words.A lyrical poem is â€Å"strongly marked by imagination, melody, and emotion, and creates a single, unified impression† (Holman, 1986, p. 283). Pound, as well as all other Imagist poets followed other rules such as using direct treatment of the ‘thing' whether subjective or objective, using absolutely no word that does not contribute to the presentation, and as regarding rhythm: to compose in the sequence of the musical phrase, not in sequence of a metronome. Another important aspect of Pound's literary career was his large promotion of other writers and artists. He persuaded Harriet Monroe to publish T.S. Eliot's â€Å"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,† He was also an early supporter of the Irish novelist James Joyce and helped him in publishing his work in literary magazines before they were published in book form. Pound praised other poets while they were still fairly unknown such as D. H. Lawrence, Robert Frost, and Ernest Hemingway. In all of the Imagist movement, there has been many contributors, poets, and poems. Though Ezra Pound doesn't regard his work to any significant level, it is evident that his work is held at the highest respect of imagist movement and well after his death.

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Research Into The Functioning Behind Commercial Banking Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1199 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? The Financial services had spread all around the UAE Market, and became one of the basic elements of the UAE Economy; moreover, the UAE financial services have progressed in many fields and many international businesses seek the UAE as their destination. The banking industry has developed from one bank in Dubai to a chain of banks over the country, as to the UAE business environment that attracts businesses to it. On the other point of view in regarding of the financial services in UAE, and it is impact worldwide. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Research Into The Functioning Behind Commercial Banking Finance Essay" essay for you Create order And on the other hand, after all of the above discussion we can conclude that although there are some effects for the globalization at some barriers, modifying several formations, challenging political and economic realities and entering into a dialogue of national and religious identities, with taking the financial services into such consideration for any future modifications. It is true to say that the last century has seen more change in the financial services field than the preceding three centuries combined. Banking has been transformed from an industry comprising many small bankers offering a limited range of paper-based services to a wealthy minority, to one characterized by the growing pre-eminence of a few global players, providing a varied range of financial services. Moreover, the main functions of modern commercial banks as they exist today in our economic life comprise providing what is so called current account facilities together with issuing debit cards to its c ustomers and the same customers has to receive a statement at the end of the month summarizing all of his financial activities during the same period, money transfer services, accepting money keen on savings accounts, granting loans along with advances, besides facilitating import-export transactions, also buying as well as selling foreign currency, in addition to issuing credit cards to its valuable customers which is called cardholder and the same may use the money within his credit limit, however the same consumed amount has to be paid within a fixed period of time otherwise he will be charged for the unpaid balance amount. Banks also accept money from the public people in addition to institutions keen on savings accounts, besides keeping them safe, moreover pay interest scheduled for such money. In turn, they use this money to grant loans and advances to borrowers; however banks are charging an interest against such services. This service provides the savers with a fix income , while their capital remains unharmed. On the other side, banks provide the borrowers access to money, which they would otherwise not have without the existing of banks at our economic life. Moreover, it became as direct debit and they have to return it back in a specific time which is called loan term. However, each bank has its own way to protect its loans including by an external authority which is called payment protection insurance. On the other hand, Technology is a fundamental issue to be considered because many businesses depend on them. For the UAE technology is a vital subject because it is their passport to the other countries. Technology has progressed in the UAE in many businesses such as the banking business. Analysts comment that: acirc;â‚ ¬Ã…“Banking business is that well managed and given the size of the market. The banks have access to modern technology and all have installed good management. The banking sector is split and there are far too many banks ser vicing a small population. So far, all the banks have been fairly profitable and there have been no compulsions to merge.acirc;â‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚  This is besides that, many banks have access to modern technology as it helps them to provide their services 24 hours a day. Firstly, development ATMs, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) units enable clients to bypass the branches and contact the bank from the remote location. After that, development Banking facilities or the online banking has allowed clients to do their daily transactions by visiting the site of the bank from their PC. Internet banking, for example, can be globally accessed from numerous locations as it depends on the site of the bank. A particular government increased its spending by borrowing; therefore the impact that this policy will have as the following: A- Interest Rates: It will go up and it will affect the other sectors of the economy especially the private sectors as there will be no more money to lend. B- Bank Loan: The banks will show more hesitation on giving loans to the commercial as well industrial firms in the same country C- Consumer Income: This will defiantly increase as by more spending of the government; the more of the consumers will spend at the same market D- Bank Deposits: This will increase as more people will have deposits at the bank, since the interest rates will be increased. As the Central Banks are playing major role in controlling as well as managing the functioning of the banks in the country, moreover, it has more tasks in keeping the stability of the country economy as well as enhancing the growth of the same economy. On the other hands, the responsibilities of the central bank can be disclosed as the following: Carry out the country fiscal policy through influencing the funds as well as credit state of affairs in the same country economy.Acirc; Oversee and standardize banking firms to guarantee security in addition to reliability of the same country banking as well as financial system. Preserve the stability as well as strength of the said country financial system. Offer confident financial services to its government, besides financial firms, in addition to the public as well as foreign official authorities, together with a major function in operating the same country payments system.Acirc; Based on best practices and learned lessons on the success or failure of studies at the financial services, there are several conclusions and recommendations that can be made: 1) The UAE as a large resource-rich developed country should adopt a careful, step-by-step approach to develop the financial services. Financial services policies and implementation strategies need to be developed within the socio-economic context and strengths and weaknesses of the country. 2) Political stability seems to be a critical consideration in financial services development. Countries in the GCC region, including UAE, have political stability and continuity of economic and industrial development policies. These countries have attracted foreign investment and recorded steady growth of their economies. 3) A modern, reliable, and cost-effective telecommunications infrastructure is essential for service industries such like financial services. It is also noteworthy for financial services. Developing a world class telecommunications infrastructure and becoming a part of the global network should be a top priority for the UAE. 4) Foreign investments are essential to get started in financial services. They have the expertise and capital; they create jobs and feeder local companies; they train staff and transfer technology; and they provide access to international markets. The UAE offers attractive incentives to national and foreign multinational financial services. 5) IT has been widely viewed as central to economic and industrial development in developed countries. The UAE Government faces the challenge of formulating and implementing financial services policies to exploit the potential of financial services for national development.

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Beaver Brothers Case Study - 1424 Words

Summary Beaver Brothers, Inc. is conducting a study to assess the accuracy, and consistency of their 150-gram bar soap production line. They are interested in seeking; the reliability, average weight and range of each soap bar. By conducting this study Beaver Brothers, Inc. wants to see the consistency of their machines, dependability of their marketing tools and the level of assurance that they are promoting and supplying trustworthy products to their consumers. Beaver Brother, Inc. achieves their wanted information by collecting 25 samples of 5 observations and recorded the data in a table. The task is to use these collected samples to create; means, graphs, and tables to present the data and draw conclusions about the production†¦show more content†¦The greater the Cp and the closer the Cpk is to the Cp, indicates a higher level of working capacity. These values can be calculated using the Process Capability module on the POM software. Parameter Value Results Value Upper tolerance limit 170 Process capability index 0.08 The actual process capability is Cpk = -0.08 Lower tolerance limit 162 Upper one sided index 0.8392 The potential process capability is Cp = 0.4596 Mean (optional) 162.6959 Lower one sided index 0.08 Standard deviation 2.9012 Table 1 shows the factors used in finding out the actual results of; Cp, and Cpk from the initial study. With a suggested Cp of 1.33 to demonstrate that the production line is well centered, and working at a high rate, you can see that the initial results do not suggest this. The Cp is well below the recommended index at 0.4596, suggesting that the process needs to be altered to make improvements. It is also visible that the Cpk (0.08) has a much less number in comparison to the Cp. This implies that this process is not working to its full potential. Consequently it is necessary that Beaver Brothers, Inc makes further improvements to create a more centered, higher potential productivity rate. c) After improvements, and collecting more samples the results of the Cp and Cpk are as follows: Parameter Value Results Value Upper tolerance limitShow MoreRelatedAdvance Problem #301422 Words   |  6 PagesSummary Beaver Brothers, Inc. is conducting a study to assess the accuracy, and consistency of their 150-gram bar soap production line. They are interested in seeking; the reliability, average weight and range of each soap bar. By conducting this study Beaver Brothers, Inc. wants to see the consistency of their machines, dependability of their marketing tools and the level of assurance that they are promoting and supplying trustworthy products to their consumers. Beaver Brother, Inc. achieves theirRead More The Evolution of the American Television Family Essay1151 Words   |  5 PagesThe Evolution of the American Television Family Television is not just a form of entertainment, but it is an excellent form of study of society’s view concerning its families. This study focuses on the history of television beginning in the early 1950s and will run through present day. It examines the use of racial, ethnic and sexual stereotypes to characterize the players of these shows. The examples assist in tracing what has happened to the depiction of the American family on prime timeRead MoreMedia Changes The World For The Worst1565 Words   |  7 Pageseither emotional or academic problems, or both. My own research indicates that boys, especially, suffer from these transitions, says Kay S. Hymowitz. After parents are split up, there may come a time when another parental unit comes into play, but studies show that a new parent often makes things worse. Not only does separation cause anxiety, it may also crush the child s view on relationships. When a child witnesses their parents marriage crumbling, it s possib le that she may adapt a pessimisticRead MoreThe Role Of The Father Has Changed Today s Society964 Words   |  4 Pagescare and housework, though women still do the majority, according to a Pew Research study released in March. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America- one out of every three—live in biological father-absent homes. Nine in ten American parents this is a â€Å"crisis† (National Fatherhood Initiative, 2014. This information is the opposite of what was shown in TV shows such as Leave it to Beaver and Good Times where the father was present and active in their children’s life. TodayRead MoreBeaver Wars and the Relationship between Europeans and American Indians2919 Words   |  12 Pagesï » ¿The Beaver Wars and the European/American Indian Relationship Introduction Genocide is not a feature of warfare or rule that can be unilaterally blamed on European nations. It was a natural outgrowth of a peoples desire to devastate another group of people for some purpose such as to steal land or gain an economic advantage. The Europeans who sailed to North America were skilled in this particular form of warfare having practiced it on one another for centuries, but they did not have to introduceRead More Family Life: The Importance of Parental Relationships Essay3194 Words   |  13 Pageswhen the parents are happily married and remain together, the family and relationships can be dysfunctional. Sometimes, parental involvement can create chaos and complete crises. In Normal Family Processes, W. Robert Beavers and Robert B. Hampson explore the spectrum of families. Beavers and Hampson conclude that â€Å"[i]n these [dysfunctional] families and individuals, a basic developmental task, that of evolving trust, has been aborted and remains unfinished† (89). Because of a lack of family rules andRead MoreThe Mystery Of Church793 Words   |  4 Pagesfunctions, revivals, and other social events, all added to the motivation of why my Dad loved entertaining and all and sundry loved Mr. Alfred and his guitar. Nevertheless, even though my Dad came from a sizeable, extremely religious family, (eighteen brothers and sisters that appeared highly respected), he somewhat walked on the wild side or insistently in the middle of the road. Due to his early musical training, helped program him on a lingering road amusing others with his talent; for in the army duringRead More A Sociological view of Divorce Essays4317 Words   |  18 PagesCleavers. Wise and wonderful Ward. A pal as well as a Dad. June. The perfect wife and mother. Big brother Wally. Popular, smart and athletic – one tough act to follow. And last but definitely not least, hapless, irrepressible Theodore, a.k.a. â€Å"the Beaver,† just a regular kid trying his best to stay out of trouble while finding a thousand ways to place himself at trouble’s doorstep. Leave it to Beaver. It was the television hit in the ‘60s that hallmarked the phrase, â€Å" The American Family† and madeRead MoreThe Past And Present Defining Characteristics Of The Sami Peoples1712 Words   |  7 Pagessome cases, loss of community. It is important to evaluate both the past and present defining characteristics of the Sami peoples to fully understand their culture. One of the most well known characterisitics of the Sami is their skill in reindeer pastoralism. Though, pastoralism was not their initial mode of substiance, instead, the Sami began as a hunter gatherer society. As northern Europe is subject to extreme and lengthy winters, the Sami caught and harvested what they could. Beaver, reindeerRead MoreMass Media And Reflection Of Society2345 Words   |  10 Pagesfamily members. Looking at the father who served roles as the sole provider, authoritarian and wise counselor for his wife and children exemplified by TV dads such as Ward Cleaver, played by Hugh Beaumont, on the 50 s television show â€Å"Leave It To Beaver†. Over the next sixty years or so, father’s roles would change as the structure of the family continued its transformation. In a review of the book, The Sitcom Reader: America Viewed and Skewed, Choice magazine cited the sitcom as a window into